Here are the best skincare ingredients for smooth and clear skin!

If you're looking for skincare ingredients that will make your skin smooth and clear, we've got the list for you.

Salicylic Acid

This ingredient removes dead skin cells, exfoliates, and decreases redness. It can be found in acne treatments, but it's also great for fighting against blemishes and reducing acne scars.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil fights against blemish and reduces acne scars. It's also great at drawing out bacteria, chemicals, and environmental pollutants from the skin to keep pores clear and healthy.

Activated Charcoal & Kaolin

Activated charcoal draws out bacteria and chemicals from the skin while kaolin helps calm breakouts with its antibacterial properties. This duo is a must-have for anyone with sensitive skin or who doesn't want to deal with breakouts on a regular basis.

Rosa Canina Fruit Extract

This ingredient is known for its calming properties as well as brightening effects that reduce the appearance of pores. It's also moisturizing so it works wonders on dry or flaky patches of skin!

Organic Bilberry

Organic bilberry has been used for centuries by Europeans as a natural way to soothe


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